Why Coding For Kids? Top 5 Reasons Every Parent Should Know

Published on 07/09/2022
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Coding is not just about computers anymore. It is a skill that will help your child succeed in school and beyond. The best way to get your child interested in learning how to code is to start early. There are many resources available online to teach your child how to code. You can find free websites like Code.org, Codecademy, and Khan Academy.

These sites offer lessons on basic programming languages like Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. They also provide interactive tutorials where your child can practice skills while gaining knowledge.

Here are 5 main reasons why kids should learn coding

1. Coding is just another language

Why do we need to teach kids to code? The answer is simple. We live in a digital world where everything is connected to computers. Computers are not just used to make money, they are used to make life easier. They help us find information, keep track of things, and even play games.

But computers don’t always work the way we expect them to. Sometimes they crash, freeze, or simply refuse to obey our commands. To fix these problems, we use the software. Software is like a set of instructions that tells your computer what to do. Without software, your computer would be useless. So, if you want to learn how to code, you will need to know how to write software.

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2. Coding Makes A Better Problem Solver

Why should I teach my kid how to code? It will help him/her become a better problem solver, critical thinker, and entrepreneur. The best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Kids who learn to code are able to create things like robots, games, apps, websites, and even 3D models. They can also use these skills to develop their own ideas and solve problems.

3. Coding Helps Kids With Math Skills

It’s not just about learning how to use computers, but also about developing problem-solving skills, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and Math skills. Kids who learn to code will be better prepared for college and careers. They will be able to understand complex systems and processes and develop a deeper understanding of technology.

4. Coding Boosts Academic Performance

The benefits of learning to code go beyond just improving your child's academic performance. It teaches children about problem-solving, logic, and critical thinking. These skills will help your child succeed in school, college, and later on in life.

5. Coding means entrepreneurship - Building things on their own

It's not just because it will help them get jobs later on. There are many reasons why teaching your child to code is important. First, learning how to code teaches them to think critically. This skill is essential for success in life. Second, coding gives kids a sense of independence.

Kids who know how to code can create things on their own, which makes them feel like they're capable of anything. Third, learning how to code builds self-confidence. Kids who know how computers work tend to be more comfortable with new technologies than those who don't. Fourth, learning how to code develops critical thinking skills.

Here is what one of our parents believes in Coding for kids

The reason I chose Tuitionpad is that I wanted to teach my 6th grader how to code. I thought it would be fun to get them involved in learning about programming. I had heard about Tuitionpad before I even knew what it was. I saw some videos on YouTube and decided to try them out. I bought the Tuitionpad's Scratch Course for Kids and set up the first lesson.

My son loved it! He was so excited when he found out that he could make his own game. We played around with the different parts of the Scratch and made a few simple games. After that, we moved on to making a tic tac toe game. That was a lot of fun too! I think Tuitionpad is a great way to introduce young children to coding.

- Parent of Shreyansh

I think it’s important for young people to understand how things work. Second, I want my students to know that there are many careers out there where they can use technology to make things better. Third, I believe that learning about computers and programming helps prepare students for the future. Fourth, I want my student's parents to be proud of them when they graduate high school. Fifth, I want my students and their families to be able to afford college. Sixth, I want my students, especially those who are struggling academically, to feel like they belong. Seventh, I want my students who are gifted to excel. Eighth, I want my students with disabilities to succeed. Ninenth, I want my students of color to be successful. Tenth, I want my students from low-income families to succeed. Eleventh, I want my students whose parents don’t speak English to succeed. Twelfth, I want my students in rural areas to succeed. Thirteenth, I want my teachers to succeed. Sixteenth, I want my administrators to succeed. Fourteenth, I want my state legislators to succeed. Fifteenth, I want my country to succeed.

Rajesh Choudhary, Founder, Tuitionpad

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