What all you need to teach online?

Published on 15/12/2020

The covid-19 Pandemic has made this possible for educators to teach remotely and this necessity got widely accepted. Meanwhile, you must be thinking about what you need to teach online?

You need certain devices and tools to teach students. Here is everything about the required things you need to teach online.

To make this easy to understand, we have divided the required things into two main categories- Hardware Devices and Software Tools

Hardware devices required to teach online

Hardware devices are physical things you need to teach online.

Desktop or Laptop

A computer is the first requirement to teach online professionally. There are some apps that made it possible for educators to teach using smartphones as well but a smartphone is not made for this purpose at all and is not recommendable due to these reasons-

  • You don't get enough screen space on a smartphone to draw and write equations and diagrams and it doesn't feel good on the student side.
  • Calls, Messages, and Notifications can disturb your live session in between when you take your classes using a smartphone.
  • Using a smartphone you can't give the feel of the whiteboard and a class kind of experience to students and your class will become like a teacher is just reading a PDF document.
  • Overall live class experience doesn't go professional anymore.

For the best teaching experience, Laptop or Desktop is recommended.

A laptop is ideal for live classes as it has its own advantages. Most online tutors use laptops only for live classes. A laptop with a good configuration can change your complete live teaching experience.

Configuration required for best live classes experience-

  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • At least 500GB Hard Disc for data storage
  • Minimum i3 Fourth-generation Intel processor or AMD processors in 3.0 GHz or above
  • HD graphics card works fine
  • 14 or 15.6 inch Screen
  • *Optional (120GB/256 GB SSD is plus)
  • You can carry laptops easily wherever you are going.
  • It won't interrupt your classes if there is an electricity cut for the next 2 hours.
  • Required less space, it makes it possible for you to take classes from any corner of your home you want.
  • You don't need Webcam + Mic + headphones extra.

The desktop is ideal for day-long work, also you can use your desktop for online teaching purposes, while there are some disadvantages to using a desktop are-

  • If you don't have an alternate power option at your home, electricity cuts can disturb you while your online sessions.
  • You can't shift your desk anywhere more frequently.
  • You need an external USB Webcam + Mic + Headphone to conduct live classes.

For online teaching, you need a great webcam for a clear view.

Headphone with Mic

What makes an online session effective? Your content + clear and crisp Audio Visuals + Smooth Video. Good quality webcam can share HD quality videos over the internet. To support your video you need to send a very clear, noiseless voice also and at the same time, you can hear clearly students' questions. For this, you need a great quality headphone that includes Mic, which can make your sessions impressive.

Digital Pen Tablet

Digital Pen Tablet device is used to draw diagrams, and write questions and answers on the computer screen that gets displayed to students while online class using screen sharing.

This device consists of two things- A pen and Tablet. Tablet has a flat surface on which using the electric pen you can draw and write. Digital pen tablet gives students the feel of the real classroom like the teacher is explaining on a whiteboard or in a Notebook. This device makes your class more interactive and easy to understand for students.

Generally, digital pen tablets start from Rs. 3000 and goes up to Rs. 15000-2000 with different sizes and different features.

Wifi Hotspot/ Modem

For effortless online sessions, teachers need speedy internet connectivity. If you are connecting multiple students in the same meeting, you need a more fast internet connection. If you are teaching more than 10 students in the same meeting at once then a broadband connection is recommended. If your online session meeting consists of fewer students at once then you can use a WiFi hotspot also like JioFi or Huawei hotspot.

Software required to teach online

In order to teach online, teachers need some software or web application for video conferencing, whiteboard and class schedules.

Video Conferencing Applications

Nowadays there are many applications available on the internet which offer Video conferencing for FREE or almost free. Zoom and Google Meet are the most popular video conferencing applications among others that are widely used for teaching purposes and most importantly, both are free to use for up to 100 participants.

Class Schedule/Calendar

To keep your students updated with your class schedule, you need any application for scheduling or calendar application. Google Calendar is the best option for scheduling classes and sending them in the mail to your students. Also, it has a nice feature -Alarm, that notifies your students 30 minutes before the meeting starts or you can set the alarm timing as you want.

Google Calendar also works great when your classes get repeated for a week or month. It's easy to repeat your classes in this application.

That's all you need to teach online. Let's teach online with Tuitionpad. Apply Now.

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