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MIT Scratch course for kids

MIT Scratch Programming 
Course for Kids (Block Coding)

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1-on-1 and Group Classes
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Class Duration
60 Minutes
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About Scratch Programming

Scratch is an open-source block-based programming language designed primarily for kids by MIT. Scratch has a visual programming interface where kids can code by dragging and dropping code blocks. Kids can make interactive stories, games, and animations in Scratch and can share their outcomes with the online Scratch users community. Starting to learn code with Scratch is fun and interactive for kids.

Scratch interface has colorful code blocks that kids need to arrange in an order to make a meaningful program. Instead of textual code, these code blocks make programs by dragging and dropping. Using this visual approach, kids learn quickly and makes it perfect for beginners. In Scratch, they have full control over the program, they can edit, update and save as they want.

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Scratch programming for kids teaches them programming concepts such as how to use variables, loops, if-else statements, conditions, how to develop a game, animation and much more.
Scratch programming will help students to get the concepts of any programming language. As kids explore what Scratch coding has to offer, they can learn a variety of different coding skills, from problem-solving to analytical thinking, that will grow with them on their coding journey beyond Scratch.
online Scratch programming course foe kids

What you will learn from Scratch Programming Course

45 Live Classes | 48+ Activities and Projects | 35 Quizzes 
Module 1

Scratch Basics

Module 2

Scratch Intermediate

Module 3

Scratch Advance

Module 4

Scratch Specialisation

Module 5

Artificial Intelligence-I

Module 1

Scratch Basics

You will be introduced to the Scratch platform to understand the coding blocks and interface.  You will start doing your first project in Scratch, using and knowing different Scratch functions and controls. Get ready to see some magic.


  1. Introduction to Scratch
  2. Directions
  3. Block-based programming
  4. Tell a Story
  5. Object's Transition
  6. Conditional Statements and Loops

Module 2

Scratch Intermediate

You will learn coordinates and the use of a pen in Scratch, and how, and where to use coordinates in programs. How to make a pen start drawing by coding, all these you will learn while going through this module.


  1. Mario Dash
  2. Happy Balls
  3. DJ Cat
  4. Drawing with pen
  5. Interlinking using broadcast
  6. Kids KBC

Module 3

Scratch Advance

You will get to learn about cloning, conditional statements and the number system. Get ready to make interesting projects by cloning sprites and conditional statements.


  1. Snake and Food
  2. Intiger Game
  3. Basics of game building
  4. Car game
  5. Hungry Fox-I
  6. Hungry Fox-II

Module 4

Scratch Specialisation

You will get to learn about animation effects that can be made by code and you can add them to your projects. Let's learn to create an advanced level of games using animations in Scratch.


  1. Science Lab
  2. AI Friend
  3. Make your garden-I
  4. Make your garden-II
  5. Paint-I
  6. Paint-II

Module 5

Artificial Intelligence-I

You will get to learn about the magical world of Artificial Intelligence. You will start with the text, sound, and image training and build the project using them. So get ready to explore Artificial intelligence.


  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Applications of AI 
  3. AI Programming Interface
  4. Introduction to Machine Learning
  5. Machine Learning Types
  6. Deep Learning & Image Processing

Learn Scratch through interesting activities

imagine your world in scratch

Imagine Your World

Build your imaginary world through code while learning Scratch Programming
ball bouncing game in scratch

Ball Bouncing Game

Learn to build 3D Ball Bouncing game in Scratch Programming through the course
snake game in scratch for kids

Snake Game

Let's make your own Snake game in Scratch Programming the way to want to play
Catch Apples game in scratch for kids

Catch Apples

Let's make interesting Apple game and catch them using Scratch
fish memory game in scratch

Fish Memory Game

Build your Fish Memory game while learning Scratch Programming

What skills your child will gain

decision-making skills
Learn the Computational Thinking skills using Scratch Programming
thinking skills
Problem-Solving skills by creating games and apps on real problems 
critical thinking skills
Analytical Skills, Logical Skills will be gained when they think about the solution and execute it through coding
leadership skills
They will become experts in Scratch programming

What you will get?

What all you need to attend live classes?

Laptop / Desktop

Speedy Internet


Diary & Pen


Download syllabus for this batch, includes topic wise schedule.
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Group Classes

Scratch Programming Course for Kids

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Quizzes & Problem Scenarios
Learn with an expert computer science teacher
40+ Activities
MIT Scratch developer certificate

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Rs. 27000 complete course fee
Rs. 600 per class
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About Teacher

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A combination of working professionals and trained teachers, the one characteristic they all have in common (apart from competence) is their friendliness. Students often describe our facilitators as ‘chill’ – which is arguably the highest accolade one can aspire to in the teaching world!
Mark Zukerberg

Module 1

You will be introduced to the Scratch platform to understand the coding blocks and interface.  You will start doing your first project in Scratch, using and knowing different Scratch functions and controls. Get ready to see some magic.
Mark Zukerberg

Module 1

You will be introduced to the Scratch platform to understand the coding blocks and interface.  You will start doing your first project in Scratch, using and knowing different Scratch functions and controls. Get ready to see some magic.

Learn to code and get certificates

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Scientific Curriculum

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Loved by students and parents!

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    Parent in Belmont

    My child had a phenomenal experience! He was excited about class every day and did not stop talking about it for the entire night after class.  We were so pleased to find a program where the instructors were fun, engaging and supportive, and where each child was able to work at his own level and really be challenged. I can’t believe how much got accomplished in one month!

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    Parent in Lexington 

    I enrolled my son in Scratch Program at Tuitionpad a week after school. He loves it so much! There are so many choices of tech things to do. He’s had so much fun and the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and fun. It was always hard to ask him to end up classes because his program was about to be complete. I will definitely register him next year.

  • parent testimonial


    Parent in Houston

    These were the best coding classes Josh has ever attended! He was proud of his accomplishments at the end of each day! Your team was outstanding at understanding and adjusting to his learning differences. This was definitely a perfect fit and we will certainly see you next summer!

Enrollment  Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scratch Programming?
Scratch is a free(open source) block-based programming interface, developed by MIT. Scratch is designed for Kids to learn programming concepts in a fun way using interactive stories, games, and animations. Students can showcase their projects to others in the Scratch online community. Scratch coding course for kids makes kids creative and problem solvers with fun and interactive activities.
What is Scratch programming used for?
Scratch programming is used to make interactive games, animations, and stories by using drag and drop coding blocks in a sequence. Kids and educators use Scratch programming to learn programming concepts by making fun activities.
What age is Scratch for?
Scratch is specially designed for kids ages 8 to 16, but people of all ages can use it to learn, create and share their activities with Scratch. Kids below the age of 7 should try ScratchJr, it's a simplified version of Scratch.
Why should kids learn Scratch programming?
Scratch is the best platform, worldwide used by kids to learn to code. Scratch is interactive and provides a visual programming interface where kids can make fun activities, games and animations by just drag and dropping code blocks. Scratch is interesting for kids to kickstart their learning. Tuitionpad has the best teachers to guide and teach students Scratch programming through 1-on-1 classes.
What are the benefits of learning Scratch programming for kids?
Scratch programming will help your child to gain multiple skills such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, logical thinking, computational thinking skills, and much more. Kids can master in programming concepts using Scratch with Tuitionpad's best instructor-led 1-on-1 course.
What are the learning outcomes of the Scratch programming course for kids?
Kids learn core programming principles using the Scratch platform. Tuitionpad's Scratch programming course for grade 3 to 7 help kids master essential coding skills including events, coordinates, loops, sequences, sprites, animation, and much more. The course will also help the kid develop other essential skills including creative thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling.
What can you learn after Scratch?
Tuitionpad has a well-structured learning path for kids who start learning coding with Scratch programming. With Tuitionpad, after Scratch, you can learn HTML(web), JavaScript(gaming), and Python programming.

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