Why Python is the best programming language for teens to start with

Published on 13/09/2022
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If you are wondering why Python is the best programming language for teens to start with, then find a detailed explanation in this article regarding it.

Today's environment, especially for the younger generation, has made programming a necessary talent for everyone to have. Early coding proficiency will put teens ahead of their peers in the future, thanks to the benefits of learning to code.

Python is a language that teenagers particularly enjoy learning. Despite the fact that Python was developed in the late 1980s, its use as a programming language has recently become extremely popular. So, why is Python the best programming language for teens to start with? We are going to discuss that in this article. With no further ado, let's get started!

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Why Python is the best programming language for teens?

Python is a programming language suggested for teens. Given that it only needs a small number of lines of code to function, the scripting language known as Python is thought to have been named after the Monty Python television show.

Python is often used by businesses like Google and Disney. It was used to build some of our favorite social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Python is used to build online frameworks and video games, but it's also employed in more advanced industries like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Python is the best programming language for teenagers for some reasons. Read on to learn them.

Create Applications Immediately

Any language, programming or not, can be difficult to learn. Teens can learn to code in Python in as little as three months with the right instruction and coaching.

For teens, learning Python becomes more engaging and enjoyable as they master each topic and are able to create completely usable programs. Every idea in Python gives teens the chance to think creatively and develop far better applications.

More Respect for Mathematics

One of the topics that teenagers find the most challenging in school is math, according to widespread opinion. Why teens have to study math beyond basic arithmetic is one part that most of them find frustrating.

They would already be out of school by the time they realized how some math principles were used in the real world. Python makes it simple and easy to apply math. Python can be used to start solving math problems with the simplest arithmetic skills.

Python is Always Expanding

Python entered the world of programming in 1989. After more than 30 years, Python is not only surviving — it is thriving — as this blog post is being written. In popularity among programming languages as of January 2020, Python is ranked second by the top developer-focused industry analytics firm Red Monk. This is one of the reasons why Python is the best programming language for teens to start with.

Switching between languages is simple

No language can be a barrier to communication once you learn how. Well, Python is also affected by this. Teenagers can comprehend programming languages in a much simpler and more organized way because of Python's simplicity of learning.

Create applications for various use cases

More than ever before, the Python community of developers is making contributions to the language. The learning curve needed for a newcomer to construct fully-fledged applications using Python is getting shorter as newer, more effective libraries are produced.

Python 2D gaming, desktop applications, web applications, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the obvious and direct results for a young person who experiments with coding.

How to Learn Python?

Determine what inspires you to learn Python

Consider asking yourself why you want to learn Python programming before you get started. Your educational experience will occasionally be dull and repetitive. You must anchor yourself by paying close attention to topics you are extremely interested in if you want to successfully navigate those stages.

Study basic syntax

Unfortunately, skipping this step is not an option. You can only commit the bare minimum of time to it because it doesn't motivate you very much.

Start working on independent projects once you've mastered the fundamentals of Python syntax. It will be challenging to recall anything you've learned until you put what you've learned to use.

Projects will challenge you, teach you new Python ideas, and assist you in developing a portfolio to demonstrate your skills to future employers.

Work independently on Python projects

If you can start working on your own projects on topics you find fascinating after completing a few structured assignments, you will learn Python more quickly.

But bear in mind, to begin with a little undertaking. Starting a smaller project and finishing it is preferable to starting a much larger job and never being able to finish it.

Continue to focus on challenging projects

The complexity and scope of your projects should continue to increase. It's time to tackle something more challenging if you feel entirely secure in what you're creating. Look for new initiatives that will challenge you and motivate you to get even further forward.

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What Are Other Programming Languages for Teens?

Scratch Coding For Kids

Visual programming languages like Scratch provide a strong foundation of programming concepts for teenagers learning to code. Scratch is well-liked because it allows teens to learn by constructing, dragging, and dropping vibrant command blocks rather than by using hard coding.

Teenagers can quickly make games, and interactive tales, animate characters, develop apps, add music and voiceovers, and even add sound effects with Scratch. Additionally, teenagers can use existing 2D games like Asteroids and Donkey Kong, which were all made with the Scratch program, as examples.

You may download Scratch for free from the official website if you have a home computer that runs macOS or Microsoft Windows. Although Scratch is an excellent tool for teaching teens how to code, mastering it doesn't take long. One of the simplest programming languages for teenagers to learn is this one.

Java Programming Language

One of the most popular and influential programming languages used today, Java, provides excellent job opportunities for anyone who is interested in learning it. The average Java developer can expect to make around £60,000 per year.

Java is a fantastic programming language for teens to learn because of this. They gain a greater comprehension of a code that will likely evolve over several years as a result of it.

Teenagers presumably deal with Java coding on a daily basis without even realizing it. Especially if they enjoy Minecraft (like the 75 million other players), both Twitter and Google's Gmail were developed in Java. The scalability and dependability of the Java code itself are mostly to blame for this.


Even though it is a little more challenging than the above-mentioned visual programming options, Lua is an excellent programming language for kids and teens to learn, especially if they are interested in video games and robotics.

In reality, Lua programmers invented the well-known gaming platform Roblox, and today's versions of Adobe Photoshop, Warcraft, and Angry Birds all use Lua code. Teenagers who may have used Python to no avail but still need a relatively simple language to learn can benefit greatly from Lua.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Programmer?

Creating and testing new program code

Writers of computer code collaborate closely with web and software developers to create new computer programs and mobile applications.

Updating already-running applications

Updates for already-running software are also created and installed by programmers. A bug patch or improved functionality may be part of an update to enhance the user experience.

Locating and fixing coding mistakes

Computer programmers could regularly aid in troubleshooting sections of a website or computer software that are not operating as they should.

Program rewriting for many operating systems

Programmers frequently need to rewrite code in different languages in order to make programs and applications work with various operating systems.

Protect software from cybersecurity risks

The cybersecurity industry employs a large number of computer programmers who assist in the detection of harmful software and the fixing of programs that may be hacked. Programmers can also create code that stops data leaks and security breaches.

Why Python is the best programming language for teens to start with
Kids can make apps using Python with Kivy Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

A 10-year-old can learn Python, right?

In any case, if your 10-year-old child has mastered block-based programming and coding languages like Scratch and Blockly, they might be prepared to learn basic Python tutorials with the right coaching. Nevertheless, we still advise children to begin learning Python programming and coding when they are 12 years old and older.

Is Python simpler than Scratch?

Kids can use Scratch, a visual programming language (block-based), to build incredible works of art, animations, games, and interactive narratives. They can even use gear to enhance their education. Python places a high value on readability for the end user, making it an excellent location to start learning other programming languages. Simply put, because Scratch was developed with children in mind, it has not been regarded as a professional programming language.


This is it! If you are looking to learn a programming language, Python is the way to go. Python for teens is becoming more and more well-liked as more parents and teachers see it as a teen-friendly programming language that gives out 21st-century abilities right away. We hope that now it is clear why Python is the best programming language for teens to start with.

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