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Every student wants to achieve great score. To get competitive score, students need to study hard and attend classes on a regular basis. However, in the class filled of 30-40 students your doubts and questions related to concept get unanswered by the teacher. So in the end, they need a personal tutor online or offline that can help you in betterment of your subject. At Tuitionpad, we have best quality teachers (selected after 6 step rigorous selection process) to provide the best quality personal online tuition to our students.

Class 7 is very important for students to strengthen their foundation. In Class 7 Math and Science subjects require more focus and practice. Students in class 7 begin to acclimate to their new middle school vibe and become more motivated and eager to learn new topics. Students begin attending online tutoring sessions for class 7 because they want to be more independent and thus plan one-on-one learning to make the most of their available time and schedules.

Students in 7th grade can concentrate on the skills they learned in 6th grade and work on improving their writing and reading skills. Even the principles learned through online tuition classes for class 7 equip pupils for 8th grade, ultimately preparing them for success in high school.

Examinations are held throughout the year, and students are encouraged to achieve high marks. However, many students believe that exams will be a nightmare and hence become nervous. Rather than becoming worried, kids should begin taking classes online for class 7 right away so that they may build a strong academic foundation and prepare for higher exams. Students can readily builds their strengths and skills and focus on them if they have a good foundation from the start.

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Best teaching minds

Choose the subject in which you really need personalized tuition class

Get your doubts cleared instantly

Syllabus Completion in a fixed time frame

Individual guidance, PTMs

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Regular face to face live classes

Unit-wise tests, Subject-wise tests

Weekly performance analysis

Personalized improvement plan for weak topics

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Available Batches- 1 on 1 Classes
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  • Avni, UAE

    Tuitionpad have allotted me an excellent online tutor with in depth subject knowledge and lots of patience...I am very happy with classes and overall experience I got.

  • Sloan, US

    My son joined Tuitionpad for Math last month and he is improving in math... He is happy with the tutor and it all has been possible due to the excellent tutor provided by Tuitionpad.

  • Aditya, India

    Vijay was extremely patient and friendly with my child. His teaching methods are creative and he connects really well with his students. My son doing great in Chemistry. I recommend Tuitionpad to every student and parent.

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Syllabus for Class 7 CBSE

CBSE Math Syllabus
CBSE Science Syllabus
CBSE English Grammar Syllabus

CBSE Math Syllabus for Class 7


Fractions and Decimals

Data Handling

Simple Equations

Lines and Angles

The Triangle and its Properties

Congruence of Triangles

Comparing Quantities

Rational Numbers

Practical Geometry

Perimeter and Area

Algebraic Expressions

Exponents and Powers


Visualising Solid Shapes

CBSE Science Syllabus for Class 7

Nutrition in Plants

Nutrition in Animals

Fibre to Fabric


Acids, Bases and Salts

Physical and Chemical Changes

Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals of Climate

Winds, Storms and Cyclones


Respiration in Organisms

Transportation in Animals and Plants

Reproduction in Plants

Motion and Time

Electric Current and its Effects


Water – A Precious Resource

Forests – Our Lifeline

Wastewater Story

English Grammar Syllabus for CBSE Class 7


Linking Words

Adverbs (place and type)

Tense forms



Adjectives (Comparative and Superlative)

Modal Auxiliaries

Word order in sentence types

Reported speech

*Limited Spots Remaining

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Ask Unlimited Doubts

Don't sit calm until you get clear concepts. You can always raise hand to ask your doubts.

Weekly Reports

Outcome based methodology, we share your child's learning evaluation reports every week.

Revise Your Live Class

Revise your real face to face class whenever you do subject revision.

Support Manager

Dedicated student support manager for parents for care, guide and best experience

Face to face Live Class

Real-time interaction,
5 times more engagement than video courses

Practice Tests

Regular practice tests to evaluate subjects and for better exam preparation

Regular Counseling

Regular counseling and mentoring sessions to keep them determined

*Limited Spots Remaining

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tuitionpad?
Tuitionpad is one of the best platform to learn CBSE academic subjects and Coding skills for classes 4 to 12 students. Tuitionpad offers 1-on-1 live classes with expert teachers with online assessments, notes and doubts resolution. 
Which subjects I can learn at Tuitionpad?
In academic subjects, you can learn Math, Physics and Chemistry through our 1-on-1 live classes with experts. 
How do I join live classes?
To join live classes, we first schedule a FREE demo class with our teacher, once you are satisfied with the session, you can enroll for live classes and join regular classes.
Who will teach after the demo class?
The same teacher who took your demo class will continue your regular classes.
How many classes weekly do you provide?
The number of classes varies from student to student. We provide classes as parents need per week. Generally, students opt for 3 to 4 classes a week for a subject.
Why Tuitionpad?
There are four main reasons to choose Tuitionpad for your kid-
1. Only experienced teachers
2. 1-on-1 classes and Small group classes
3. Advance Skills
4. Great Support
What are the requirements of the things for enrolling in our online classes?
To attend live classes you need a Laptop/Desktop with a webcam and an internet connection with good speed.

Coding courses suggested for Class 7 students

Web Development for Kids

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Python Programming for Kids

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Online Tuition vs Offline Tuition for class 7

When you are looking for tuition, these are obvious questions that come to mind to go for offline tuition or join an online tutor. Students in class 7 need to study hard and attend classes regularly. However, students' day is filled with school and work. In the end, they only might have a few hours a day to study. So, how can they can join tuition effectively as limited time they have.

Offline tuition are good as where you can meet many more students and can interact with them but finding them in nearby to you is difficult. Most of time offline centers are far away from you and that gonna take your lot of time in travel everyday.

Online tuition is time savvy decision and at the platform like us - Tuitionpad, you don't need to search a lot from teachers and find that which tutor can suits me. We match you with an exact expert teacher you want for you or your kid. And you are worry free about the how classes will be done or what if teacher left in between, all these Tuitionpad team handles itself to provide you smoothest learning experience. You can opt for 1-on-1 personal classes where you can get everything cleared in your sessions as you wish to learn. To enroll, book your FREE Demo Class now.

5 Tips to make your Math competitive

The rules of mathematics regulate everything around us, and failing to understand them can lead to serious challenges in life. Students have polarized opinions about math as a topic; while some may find it intriguing and easy to learn, the majority say they lack the skills to handle arithmetic problems. Math, more than any other topic, is regarded as something that people are either very excellent at or not.

Mathematics is a mainstream subject for every exam. Here are 5 tips that will help every student to fall in love with math and craft the learning path that suits them best:

Understand the Math concepts

It’s important to keep in mind that Mathematics is a conceptual subject and everything is deeply rooted in logic. Math can't be learned by remembering answers. Every single math concept can be break down in small parts. 

The best way to make maths easy is that you should play every concept well, whenever you are not clear with the math concepts, then you should discuss those doubts day by day in class or with your tutor.
Mathematics cannot be memorized nor math concepts. The best way to improve Mathematics is to practice the concepts, more you practice, the more your concepts will automatically clear with time and you Will be able to solve every question related to those concepts.

Have a proper study plan

To score well in any exam, it is most important to have a study plan, with proper planning you can ace any exam and any type of exam.

You should prepare a detailed study plan which includes exam topics with exam dates in a weekly and monthly format that shows you a clear roadmap to complete your study before the exam date. Your plan should have weekly and monthly outcome outlines that you made to achieve.

Now follow the study plan regularly, you can get good marks by following it.

Focus on the logics

Math is such a subject which completely depends on logic and concepts, although some children and teachers tell some short tricks which make it easy to solve the problems of the match, it saves the time of the children in the exam and when they get a lot of concepts, they don't have to think more in questions.

When children use these regularly, they get a lot of tricks and it becomes easier for them, except for any question in Mathematics. In the match, children should take every new question as a new challenge and there can be many ways to solve that challenge. This practice develops their thinking capacity and such kids can easily crack any competition exam.

Ask for help when needed

Many times kids are unable to ask their questions the teacher due to shyness, sometimes due to the high number of kids in offline classes, kids do not get answered their doubts, due to which their doubts remain incomplete and in the end, these doubts appear in the entire subject and bring confidence down.

It is always suggested to seek help and clear what's going on in your mind. Sometimes you need to get help externally to hire a personal tutor or join a tuition center to get clear your concepts in deep. Online tuition is best option as you don't need to spent a lot of time in travel and can get your doubts clear in few minutes and can set your classes as per your convenience.

How 1-on-1 online tuition classes can benefit a student of class 7?

One-on-one live classes can provide many benefits to a student of class 6. These classes are tailored to the individual student, allowing the teacher to provide personalized instruction and feedback. This can help the student better understand the material and stay on track with the curriculum.

Additionally, the student can receive immediate feedback, which can help them identify areas of improvement and make progress more quickly. Finally, one-on-one live classes can provide the student with the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized attention, which can help them build confidence and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Benefits of online tuition for class 7

1. Flexibility: Online math tuition is a great option for those who have a busy schedule, as it allows them to learn at their own convenience and pace.

2. Cost-effective: Online math tuition is typically cheaper than traditional tutoring services, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget.

3. Personalized Teaching: Online tuition allows for a more personalized teaching experience, as the tutor is able to tailor the lessons based on the students specific needs and level.

4. Comprehensive Material: Online tuition provides a comprehensive library of materials and resources that can be used to enhance the learning experience.

5. Accessibility: Online tuition is available from anywhere in the world, allowing students to access the resources they need no matter where they are.

6. Interactive Learning: Online tuition often includes interactive learning tools such as video chats, virtual whiteboards, and digital worksheets that can help engage students and make the learning experience more enjoyable.

7. Accountability: With online tuition, students are more likely to take ownership of their learning and are more likely to stay on task.

8. Increased Engagement: Online tuition provides a more engaging learning experience, as students can interact with their tutor in real-time and ask questions as they go.

9. Access to Experts: With online tuition, students are able to access the expertise of highly qualified math tutors, who can help them better understand the material.

10. Self-Paced Learning: Online tuition allows students to learn at their own pace and move forward when they are ready, allowing them to take ownership of their learning.

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