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Maths for Kids: The Best 6 Ways for Children to Learn Online

Published on 09/09/2021
Author- admin

Worldwide schools are trying to make up for the loss of students in their education due to the spread of Covid-19 by taking online classes. Hence, it has become a challenging responsibility for parents to provide homeschooling for their children.

The most important thing right now is whether are you helping your kids complete their math homework. Teaching the basics of math to kids is one thing, but describing it to your child in a convenient way that helps him/her solve their textbook question can be a daunting task especially when your kid is in 8th or upper standard.

Children need to specialize in Maths for starting their educational journey. A strong foundation in mathematics will help them learn existing and new concepts easily and help them differentiate themselves from others in a competitive business.

Each of us would love to see our kids conquer Algebra, Calculus, and Probability before embarking on a competitive journey.

Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful online platforms where you can get a dedicated personal tutor for Maths to help them. These online Maths courses explain difficult mathematical concepts in a kid-friendly manner.

 Even though your young children may need your guidance to navigate through the online courses, these online courses are designed to explain the basic mathematical concepts in a way that children can learn. 

Most of these platforms provide pre-recorded videos with lots of animation effects so that the child can learn new concepts and remember them. Now you may feel that this is the right concept to learn maths but here a problem starts. In these online courses, the concept is explained well but live support is not available, like someone sitting in front of you and understanding your queries and helping you with every problem.

 So yes we got the problem here and will help you with a solution for the best maths learning classes for your kid that solve this problem so let’s start without wasting time:


Tuitionpad is India's best online face-to-face live one-on-one tutoring platform for CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Boards, IIT JEE, NEET, Olympiads, and other K-12 Competitions for Academics and Non-Academic Subjects, Topics, Skills.

Tuitionpad is a managed marketplace platform that pairs students with private tutors, mentors, and coaches online and makes personalized learning from experts easy and convenient for students and parents. Tuitionpad connects the best suitable teacher for students' needs and the level of learning and skills he/she requires.

Tuitionpad launched in Jan 2022, provides expert faculties in all categories for academics and non-academic subjects for various boards, exams, and skill-based learning. Tuitionpad provides real-time face-to-face classes on a one-to-one basis. Tuitionpad grew fastly and completed more than 5000 hours of live classes. Parents also realized that in Covid’s situation, live classes are only the option to keep their kids studying and group classes and video classes like BYJU, Vedantu, Unacademy, and Lido are not enough to cure students’ problems at the root.

Here is a great advantage to students who learn with Tuitionpad they can ask and clear their all doubts, even if doubts are related to the foundation of the subject. Thousands of students are satisfied with the teaching-learning approach of the platform.

However, Tuitionpad may add more subjects and will widen their horizons across non-academic subjects soon depending on the requirements.

It is estimated that tutors give approximately 5,000 hours of lessons per month at a price varying between $2 to $10 per hour. Normally, their classes are held for 1 hour. The company provides a free demo class before enrolling in a batch. Anyone who wants to take tuition can book their free demo class from Tuitionpad's official website.

 Tuitionpad provides one demo class for free. If you are not sure about your experience after the first demo class, they may provide one more, it depends on a case-by-case basis.

 Tuitionpad does class schedules in a way in which the student gets access to the best teacher for the respective topic/subject. When a new student enrolls in the class, the teacher remains the same for the entire tutoring period.

 The course content has been exhaustively created through a mix of multiple publications and covers the core school curriculum.

 The platform provides study material in PDF files along with students getting access to recordings of their live classes that can be used anytime by students to revise their lessons.

Official website – https://tuitionpad.com

Book Demo Class - https://tuitionpad.com/freedemoclass

Some other platforms you have to look at as per your need

1. Lido Learning

Lido is Mumbai based ed-tech startup that gives online tutoring and personalized online maths tuition to CBSE and ICSE board school children from kg to 10th grade. Lido provides recorded classes and lives classes in groups of 5 to 10 students. The charges of the courses start from ₹375 and allow students to construct the foundational talents they want to thrive in. Lido has a student base from India and some other countries like Australia, and Canada. 

2. BYJUs

Byju’s is an ed-tech company and also the first tech company that started teaching students online using recorded video courses. Started in 2011, Byju’s has many streams for students in K-12 and aspirants of competitive exams like CAT, graduate management admission test (GMAT), graduate report examination (GRE), IAS (India's civil provider examination), etc. So far, Byju has 33 million enrolled students and around 2 million paid subscriptions worldwide. The course fees of Byju's classes begin from INR 20,000 per course. Byju provides entire course material in form of animated Videos, PDFs as study material, also they have a support system where students can discuss their doubts with online faculties.  

Maths for Kids The Best 6 Ways for Children to Learn Online

3. Cuemath 

Cumath launched in 2013, a Bengaluru-based online platform that offers personalized and interactive learning from kg and class 10 specialized in Maths. Cuemath provides interactive live online classes, where students spend 40-45 minutes working on know-how concepts with trained tutors in cuemath math training, 10 minutes on improving their calculation velocity of kg, and 5 mins on solving math puzzles and identifying their logical skills. The fee of courses differs totally based on grades and parents can also book a demo to decide which path fits their kid. Cuemath additionally prepares students for olympiads prepared with the cuemath olympiads.

4. Splash Learn

Splash Learn is an online platform that makes learning hassle-free. Splash Learn offers gamified learning for the topics like counting, addition and subtraction, fractions, math information, multiplication video games, and so on. Splash Learn is the sector’s first scientifically designed, gamification-based math curriculum, which adapts to your child’s tempo and creates live online math tutoring for kg to 5th grade. Splash analysis makes homework fun and ensures everyday students practice online and offline. The charges of the math course start from $15 consistent with class and they also provide a 7-day trial when you join the trial, you can subscribe to the platform on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

5. Vedantu 

Vedantu is a Bengaluru-based ed-tech platform known for high-quality live group classes. It offers live maths classes for 6th to 12th-grade students of CBSE, ICSE, and IB. The fee for maths courses is absolutely based on grades. They offer group classes and two-way audio communication where students can discuss their doubts with the teacher. Uses whiteboard during live class thus students can view while the tutor writes, concentrate, and talk with each other. 


Covid has made our edutech startup more sound technically and advanced enough to make online education more simple. Even after the pandemic, edutech platforms around the world will continue their path, transforming the world of learning. These online math classes offer your kid the correct way to access the basics, intermediate, and superior ranges of mathematics courses. There are a wide type of math publications to be had online, all with specific lesson plans, instructors, and teaching styles. With the overall view to understanding math in the best possible way, which can suit every student, Tuitionpad is a combination of the best teaching methodology that is absolutely result-oriented while learning with fun. for more articles click here

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