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Earn ₹1000 for each referral

Earn ₹1000 for each referral

Now, it pays to spread your love for Tuitionpad!

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Your Friend Schedules a FREE Demo Class

Your referred friend schedules and attends a FREE Demo Class.

Your Friends Join Tuitionpad.
You Win Cash Prize.

If your referred friend enrolls for a paid tuition plan, you get Rs. 1000 cash in your bank account or your current plan get discounted by Rs. 1000.

Repeat Above Steps and Earn More Cash Rewards

Don't stop here, repeat this cycle and earn more cash rewards.
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Your most asked queries are answered by us

Once you apply for "Refer & Earn" Program, you will get email from us with your referral Code. Now, you can share your referral code with your friends/family through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Mail etc. All the sharing links are available on the same screen. You are required just to tap on preferred link to copy and share with your friends and family.

Any of your friends or family with children from ages 12-18 would love Tuitionpad. There is no previous qualification, skill or aptitude needed by students to get the best out of Tuitionpad.

No. The more people you refer to Tuitionpad, the more rewards for you! However, Keep in mind, the intent is to add members who will benefit from the Tuitionpad tuitions. We would request that you make your referral count!

For every referral that enrolls with Tuitionpad, attends the FREE Demo class and buys a paid plan with Tuitionpad, you will receive your referral amount of INR ₹1000 if referred student opts to pay in one time payment option(saves 5%).
You will get paid as per your referral chooses:
₹1000 - If referred student pays in one time payment option (saves 5%).
₹600 - If reffered students choose to pay in 3 installments and enrolled in program by paying first installment.
₹200 - when student pays second installment (after 30 days).
₹200 - when student pays third installment (after 30 days of second installment).

Yes! When your referrals enrolls with us, attends a Demo class and buy a paid subscription from Tuitionpad by paying in one time payment option, we will give them a up to 5% discount at payment.

When your referral requesting for a "FREE Demo Class", he/she need to enter your referral link/code in Demo Class Form's "Details About Your Request" input as shown below-

    ---deatils student wants to mention---
    --- Reference by- "Mohit99999"---

here "Mohit99999" is your reference code. The demo request we get with these reference number, we will count this student in your account.

You will get referral reward for every referred student who buys a plan from available tuition plans (Class 8 to 12) or from *upcoming plans or courses.

We will credit you as the referral in 7 business days after the purchase of a paid plan with Tuitionpad.

You will receive a mail for each successful referral who joins Tuitionpad.

Write to us at hello@tuitionpad.com for any queries or call us at +91 7976649684.

Terms and Conditions


  • Referrer: A person who invites his friend to Tuitionpad.com using his/her referral code or link
  • Referred Friend: A person who has been invited to Tuitionpad.com by referrer and had used Referrer’s referral code or link while scheduling a Demo Class with Tuitionpad
  • Successful Referral: A referral is considered successful when a Referred Friend purchases a Tuitionpad Tuition Plan or Course

Terms and Conditions:

  • This referral program is only applicable if a friend is a new user for Tuitionpad.com and has never made a purchase at Tuitionpad.com before.
  • For Referred Friends, they need to book a Free Demo Class on Tuitionpad using Referrer’s referral link or code in “Details About Your Request” input of the Demo Class Form to count the referred student in your referral account.
  • If an invited friend makes a purchase without the referral code, you will not be entitled for Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay reward. They will not be considered as Referred Friends.
  • Referrer and Referred Friend(s) who are eligible for Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay cashback must have a Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay account with the same number that you shared while applying at Tuitionpad for "Refer & Earn" program. In case if you do not have a Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay account linked to the shared number, Tuitionpad will not be able to give them Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay cashback.
  • Tuitionpad Plans or courses should be purchased online only.
  • Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay cashback will be credited to Referrer’s UPI wallet directly only after 7 business days of the successful purchase of Plan or Course by Referred Friend(s).
  • Tuitionpad.com has complete authority to change the reward amount at any point of time. Successful Referral after such change(s) will receive the Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay cashback as per the latest reward amount.
  • Tuitionpad.com has complete authority to close this referral program at any point of time and will not be responsible for providing Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay cashback in that scenario.
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