What 10 important facts about online tuition most parents don’t know

Published on 29/08/2020

One size does not fit all, the same applies to the education system also. Read the facts about online tuition, how personalized learning is there before enrolling your child in a class.

Online Education has been more personalized over the years and it has been a necessity of every Indian student. The Indian education system is missing a personalized learning experience as we know, the number of students in our classrooms is more while the no. of teachers is less. 

As one size does not fit all, one method doesn't make sense to every student, and this leads to rote learning. Over time private tutoring and coaching institutes have raised but there is another level of scam in the name of private tuition or coaching. 

Most IIT JEE and NEET institutes have more than 300 students in a single classroom. Where most students are not able to see what teachers are writing on the board. How these students are preparing where personal attention and personalized learning are much needed.

There is a huge gap between the need and the available solutions in the Indian education system and to fill this gap created by Indian schools and traditional tutoring, online classes came into the picture.  

Online Tuition & Online Classes

There are many startups that came into the picture to provide online tuition. The online tuition space is emerging rapidly as Indian parents also started adopting personalized learning.

Tuitionpad is one of the best platforms for live online tuition classes, dedicated to providing completely personalized tuition where the number of students is very limited. Max. 5 students in a batch, here students getting real personalized experience as students can ask and interact with teachers during live classes. Even students can schedule their classes according to their convenient time.

The most important thing about the platforms that provide online tuition is personalization and how much attention they are paying to individual students. Because this is the main reason students are learning there.

Most platforms such as Unacademy, Vedantu, Byjus that provide Online Classes are not much engaging and interactive online classes as there are no. of students still unlimited as traditional offline classes. Parents must need to check this before the enrollment of their child.

Facts about online tuition

1. Real-time interaction

Live classes are the best way to get real learning from the comfort of your home. Live sessions are just like the offline classes you take in a real classroom. You can interact with teachers in real-time and get your queries solved. Some platforms offer online tuition classes but their classes are recorded videos where you can’t interact with teachers in real-time.

2. You can record classes to revise again

Online classes can be recorded and saved to revise your lessons whenever students want. While in offline tutoring session such a facility is not available and students can’t revise the real class in case he/she is absent or want to revise the syllabus.

3. Students can attempt live quizzes, can see reports instantly

During online live classes students can share their assessment answers and can get reports instantly, this feature mostly excites school students.

In traditional offline tuition assessments and generating reports takes time also this way is not appropriate when parents want to know in which chapter, which lesson is the week of their child. But online assessments can generate a deep report on this that helps parents to understand weak areas in subjects like- Physics Chemistry Biology.

4. More Interactive Practical classes using simulations

Online teaching can be made more interactive for subjects like Physics Chemistry in which students do not understand concepts easily until they do it by hand or they see real examples of concepts.

In offline classes, it will become very difficult for teachers to show students real examples but in online teaching, they can share the links with students for exact simulation for a concept or example. There is an example shown below, where students can change the values and can see how and in which direction this car will move-

here are links to Physics and Chemistry simulations-
Physics Simulation
Chemistry Simulation
Using these links you can explore Physics Chemistry simulations online by changing values.

5. Saves travel time

Online tuition saves students travel time. Also, this is the safest medium of learning with safety and completely personalized learning. Students mostly take 50% of their tuition time in traveling, sometimes this process makes parents busy as well, they need to drop students to tuition class and pick them back.

6. More Accountability, transparency

Online tutoring is accountable, here everybody knows how many classes have been done, what is the outcome of these classes. And whether the student is improving his subject or not, but offline tuition is most of the time not accountable. Also, it goes for a long duration. Most of the time parents don’t know what syllabus has been covered in tuition and what much remains.

7. Your location doesn't stop you to learn from the best teachers

Online tutoring can empower students who can’t get to join good teachers for mainstream subjects in nearby areas or in their town or city. Also, online tutoring makes it very easy and limitless in terms of finding the best tutors and learning from them.

8. Take your call after attending a Demo class by a teacher

Live tuition is the best test for tutors, every tutor is not comfortable with live tuition. Also, there is an advantage to parents in live tuition is, parents can check from time to time how the teacher is teaching through the recorded sessions or can attend the class with students. Although online live tuition platform- Tuition Pad provides a free demo class before enrolling students in their online tuition classes.

9. Your money is yours, If not happy, can ask for refunds

Easy refunds in online tuition- Online tuition platform like Tuitionpad provides easy refunds to parents if student or parents doesn’t find the teacher best fit for the subject. We at Tuitionpad select a teacher from 100 teachers' applications, we select the best brains that can add value to our students. Only experienced teachers who are real masters of their subject, teaching with Tuitionpad.

10. It's Worry-Free, Only selected, verified teachers teaching your child

As being a parent, it's a problem every time to find the best trustable, knowledgeable, qualified tutor for tuition. You can blindly rely on Tuitionpad. We know what parents and students want. We not only select a knowledgeable robot but a good human being also, thus we have known for great teaching quality from great teachers.

Tuitionpad is an online tuition platform, that provides live face-to-face tuition classes by selected, verified India's best teachers. Book your FREE Demo Class today and get started tuition for Maths, Science, English, Physics, Chemistry, Bio subjects. Tuition starting from grades 8 to 12 (PCB & PCM) & IIT JEE, NEET.

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