Coding For Kids - 8 Free Resources to Learn Coding Online

Published on 17/09/2021

Coding for kids has become essential nowadays. Science and technology have become part and parcel of today’s rapidly evolving world. We all know that one can’t imagine the world without technology, and programming is an essential part of it. Thus, everyone needs to have basic knowledge of programming, including adults, grown-ups, and kids. 

Nowadays, parents are keen to teach their children basic programming from a very young age. Teaching kids coding provides them a strong base to evolve their design, logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities and also opens a door of opportunities for them. This practice prepares the kid to walk in an increasingly tech-driven world. Keeping this view in mind, many websites provide a free opportunity to kids to learn to code interestingly. 

Here are the top 8 free websites offering Coding for kids: Learn To Code

If you are looking to start your kid’s coding journey, this non-profit foundation-based website is perfect for you as it provides an excellent base for kids. The site is quite popular among children. On this platform, one can explore relevant courses from all over the world with the help of its built-in interactive search engine.

It provides various online courses where you can learn a new skill in 15 to 16 hours. has adapted some special interactive ways to teach kids coding in fun such as Minecraft, and Disney which keep the kid busy in fun and learning. This website contains video sessions that feature tech giants of high caliber including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg. 

For kids, many games-making and website-making tasks are there. The website teaches programming from the basic level to app or website making using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JS. 

You can find it here,

Scratch Coding Classes for Kids (For Grades 4 to 6)
Web Development Course for Kids (Grades 6 to 8)
Python Programming Course for Kids (Grades 8 to 12)

Coding For Kids - 8 Free Resources to Learn Coding Online

Coder Kids

Coder Kids provides on-demand free coding classes and coding camps for kids of all ages. On this site, one can book an in-person session to learn about coding from scratch. If you want your kid to start a perfect coding journey, the website’s on-demand introduction to Scratch coding is the best platform.

The course has been planned in such a way that once the kid gets the knowledge about scratch coding, he or she can move to the next level, which is a start learning how to code. But first, a child needs to go over the interface and basics. At the next level, they will get a chance to perform projects like Pokémon in Space. The site also provides private tuition at a reasonable price.

You can find it here,

Code Monster

One can easily see what a code does with the help of this website. Code Monster has been built in a way to demonstrate the outcome of code, which tells what code is and how the code works. The site consists of two screens or spaces. One screen displays the code, the other shows what the code does. The site helps a kid to learn the meaning of code line by line.

There are very few people who don’t know about this great platform. One of the most popular and highly praised websites,, provides free e-learning on different courses and coding to kids. Here you can search for your favorite skill and can learn it for free. 

This website has a wide range of entities starting from Maths, Chemistry, and Biology to computer courses like Internet 101, algorithms, cryptography, information, and theory. It also covers languages like HTML, and CSS which help kids in learning and building websites, and SQL to handle the data. 

It ensures that the kid remains amused in learning through an interactive and entertaining platform. 

Here you can find it,

If your child loves online gaming, but you want him or her to learn code, relax! is a unique site that helps in teaching coding to kids through an immersive environment of online gaming. This web-based service is totally free. 

On this site, a user has to go through several coding challenges and tasks which on completion gives the monkey a banana after every success. The site helps children building own games using CoffeeScript. 

Find it here,


Starting something can be tough, right? Same with coding. It can be tough to start at first, but wait! LightBot is a place where your kid can start his coding journey smoothly and simply with fun. Besides other mentioned sites, this is a flexible site that is developed by the coders themselves who know the problems that come while learning to code and have provided a stage for learners of every age. 

This is a kind of puzzle game that needs a successful code task to advance. This approach helps in developing problem-solving aptitude in the kids. It teaches various lessons such as procedures, sequencing, recursive loops, overloading, and conditionals. 

Get more info here,

Combat means RPG, right? Get thrilled to know that there is a platform called which uses RPG gaming along with text-based coding to develop a perfect and immersive environment for the kids to learn to code. 

In this platform, a user has to solve tasks that give strength to the character of a game to advance. It uses a real-time code editor where kids get to know about popular frameworks like HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. 

Find it here, — Code Monster

Your kid doesn’t find coding simple and interesting? Wait! Here is the solution for it. is a perfect platform for those kids who want to learn to code most simply. This is a level-based platform where you have to pick one among 4 levels. For preteens, there is Code Monster, for teens and adults there is Code Maven, for kids above 16, there is Game Maven, and for kids over 12 with an interest in statistics, there is Data Maven. 

The platform helps in developing JavaScript skills. The configuration is user-friendly with a bubble chat to give questions. In this, you will get to see what your code creates quickly. 

For more, go here,

So, what are you waiting for? Go for these sites and make your kid a super genius in the coding domain.

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